# Changelog

# 05 May 2024 1.4.1

fixed: AJAX transitions may stop to work from blog page to another pages in some cases
improved: forcefully disable "Optimized Control Loading" feature unless it can work properly with the responsive controls duplication mode.

# 30 Apr 2024 1.4.0

fixed: "division by zero" or null PHP errors when calculating aspect ratio of the images
added: option to choose a custom loading image instead of counter in "Site Settings -> Asli / Loading Screen" panel
improved: updated smooth scrolling library to the latest version
improved: templates compatibility with WooCommerce 8.8.x
improved: smoothen AJAX transition in blog when navigating through categories with assigned "Description" text
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.9

# 29 Mar 2024 1.3.2

fixed: preloader never ended if "Amount of Loading Steps" was set to 1.
added: control to select/crop images for "Fast-sliding Images" in Site Settings -> Asli / Loading Screen panel.
improved: security fixes for "arts_ajax_post_password" AJAX hook and merlin.js script
improved: updated "Edit account form" WooCommerce template to the latest version
improved: updated smooth scrolling library to the latest version

# 22 Mar 2024 1.3.1

fixed: frontend error when transitioning from a page with header a the page without one
fixed: theme widgets dind't load when placed in the Elementor popups
added: dynamic tags capability for all URL controls in the theme widgets
improved: automatically close the opened Elementor popup on AJAX transition start
improved: don't show preloader on 404 page

# 19 Mar 2024 1.3.0

fixed: hover zoom effect stopped to work when lightbox custom cursor is applied in "Parallax Image" widget
fixed: lightbox cursor settings didn't render correctly in live preview when scale unit was set to anything else but "px"
fixed: when using programatic scrolling (e.g. click on "Scroll Down" button) the page scrolling animation had low FPS when "Toggle Reveal on Scroll" was enabled for the site header
fixed: navigational "Back" button may appear misaligned on mobiles when the header is tall
fixed: PHP warning 'Undefined array key "description"' when using custom data source in "Infinite List" widget and others
fixed: WooCommerce default pages didn't setup correctly after theme onboarding
fixed: taxonomy names "product_type", "product_visibility", "product_shipping_class" appear in theme widgets content when "Products" post type was selected in query control
fixed: unexpected performance drops of cursor follower during site navigation
added: AJAX compatibility with email protection script by CloudFlare
added: arts_is_cursor_follower_enabled() conditional function for cursor appearance
added: exposed "useCSSVars" option in the cursor settings
added: filter to customize the allowed set of HTML tags "arts/elementor/widgets/allowed_html_tags" for text output controls in the theme widgets
improved: better performance for "Modular" type of scrolling mode in "Horizontal Scrolling" widget
improved: updated smooth scrolling library to the latest version

# 13 Mar 2024 1.2.3

fixed: burger button alignment was off in the header if the site logo was too tall
fixed: site logo may appear distorted on mobiles in case of insufficient space in the header container
added: "Use GSAP Raf" option for mouse cursor follower

# 12 Mar 2024 1.2.2

fixed: page loading got stuck in case the theme header is put inside page content instead of Theme Builder Header location
fixed: featured videos didn't render in "Prev & Next" skin of "Posts Navigation" widget even when they were available and turned on
fixed: flickering of "Hover Draw Effect" during AJAX transitions for "Asli Classic Menu" widget
fixed: section heading overlap the clicked item heading if it was clicked using "ctrl" or "cmd" key (open in new tab) in "Infinite List" widget
fixed: error related to non-declared "arts_get_page_by_title" function during demo import
fixed: alignment control stopped to work since Elementor 3.20 version in "Asli Button" widget
added: form AJAX submission for password-protected posts

# 07 Mar 2024 1.2.1

fixed: button didn't animate even when animation is turned on in "Fixed Wall Images" widget
added: optional images opacity effect for "Screens Wall" widget
added: images resolution selector for "Scrolling Images" and "Screens Wall" widgets
added: options to place additional two buttons for "Screens Wall" widget
added: controls set to adjust buttons style for "Mini Cart" widget

# 01 Mar 2024 1.2.0

fixed: fatal error triggered by Asli Core plugin when the theme is running on outdated version
fixed: when "Cursor Help" was set to "Icon", the icon selector control didn't render in Elementor panel in some widgets
fixed: PHP warning 'Undefined array key "taxonomies"' in "Masonry Grid" widget
fixed: "Drag Interaction" option didn't apply in "Slider Images" widget
fixed: body background color didn't set correctly during AJAX transitions in some cases
fixed: "Section Heading" control in Infinite List Widget has been there even if current skin doesn't support it
added: "Apply & Preview" button in Site Settings -> Asli / Theme Features / Lightbox Gallery panel to preview cursor styling changes in live
added: marquee effect compatibility notice for certain skins in "Infinite List" widget
added: recommendational notice to disable "Inline Font Icons" feature when cursor icon is not rendered on frontend
added: incompatibility notice when using links in "Custom Content" data source together with enabled lightbox links
added: recommendational notice in on how to configure interactive cursor when lightbox mode is enabled in corresponding Elementor widgets
improved: better working opacity effect with marquee effect enabled in "Infinite List" Elementor widget
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.7

# 26 Feb 2024 1.1.0

added: compatibility with WooCommerce
fixed: JS errors during AJAX transitions when Elementor's accordion is placed on the page
fixed: FPS drop during navigation via AJAX
fixed: absent "Overflow" control in Elementor' containers
fixed: fatal error in PHP "division by zero" caused by a broken image reference

# 06 Feb 2024 1.0.3

fixed: adjusting of fluid spacing didn't reflect the actual changes after saving
fixed: incorrect split text in "Halfscreen" skin of "Masthead" widget
fixed: text content didn't animate on mobiles in "Linked Headings & Images" of "Infinite List" widget
added: ability to display "Description" field in all skins of "Masthead" widget
added: prefetch for "Prev & Next" skin of "Posts Navigation" widget to improve loading speed

# 05 Feb 2024 1.0.2

fixed: when "Force Load Full Size Images" option was on, flying image transitions may work incorrectly in some cases
added: ability to customize marquee options (e.g. add custom delimiter, adjust speed and more) to custom widgets
added: prefetch currently active slide URL in infinite lists and fullscreen sliders to improve loading speed
added: option to disable site preloader only for logged-in users
improved: avoid prefetching of the external links or links with [target="_blank"] attribute

# 30 Jan 2024 1.0.1

fixed: misposition of scrolling "pin" triggers in AutoScrollNext widget
fixed: flickering of preloader counter in Safari
fixed: preloader digits didn't animate correctly if browser switched to another tab and returned
added: exported all theme pages to Elementor templates (*.json) and bundled them to the package
added: icon size adjustment for "Asli Icon Box" widget
added: on-scroll appearance animation for "Crossing Lanes" widget
improved: force disable CSS aggergation for Autoptimize plugin if AJAX transitions are enabled
improved: don't show preloader and cursor if previewing an iFrame in Theme Builder
improved: mirrored the uploading of secondary logo panel to Customizer -> Site Identity

# 26 Jan 2024 1.0.0

initial release