# Intuitive Custom Post Order

WordPress doesn’t have an easy way to conveniently control your posts order. That’s why I recommend you to setup plugin Intuitive Custom Post Order (opens new window) which enables drag & drop post ordering in admin panel.


This plugin is recommended by Kinsey theme, so you are likely to already have it installed. If not, just search for it and install from WordPress Plugins directory in Plugins → Add Plugin.

You will need to do a simple plugin setup and choose which post types you want to make sortable.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 1.

Setup the plugin and from admin panel go to Settings → Intuitive CPO

# ▶️️️️️ Step 2.

Choose the sortable post types you want to control with drag & drop and click Update button.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 3.

You can now drag and drop your posts.


This plugin becomes handy when displaying dynamic Elementor widgets and you want to rearrange your custom posts on the screen.