# Duplicate Post

In case you want to use the existing pages or posts as templates for creating new content then Duplicate Post (opens new window) WordPress plugin may be useful for you.

You will need to do a simple plugin setup and choose which post types you want to have an ability to clone.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 1.

Setup the plugin and from admin panel go to Settings → Duplicate Post → Permissions

Allow the plugin to manipulate the post types you want to clone

# ▶️️️️️ Step 2.

You will get a new action Clone under the posts you've allowed to clone in the first step.

Clicking on Clone will duplicate this post and will set its status to Draft

# ▶️️️️️ Step 3.

Make sure to Publish your clonned post. Otherwise it won't appear in frontend.

The post won't appear anywhere (including the dynamic Elementor widgets) until Publish it

If you want your clonned posts to be published immediately after the duplication then go to Settings → Duplicate Post → What to Copy and put a checkmark against Status. Don't forget to click Save Changes

By default a post Status is not duplicated