# Changelog

# 06 Jun 2023 1.6.3

fixed: AJAX transitions didn't work if 'Update Content Nodes' field was empty

# 02 Jun 2023 1.6.2

added: option to switch between dropdown and default filter view on mobiles in Customizer -> Blog -> Blog Home -> Filter Mobile Style
added: field & options to selectively update page nodes during AJAX transitions in Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions

# 09 May 2023 1.6.1

fixed: frontend failure on iOS Safari 13.x
fixed: warnings related to TGMPA class on PHP 8
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.6

# 19 Apr 2023 1.6.0

fixed: PHP error in "Logos Grid" Elementor widget when there is odd amount of items placed
fixed: slider in the menu was rendered incorrectly when *.webp images are used
fixed: incorrect height calculation for the sliders when "Upgrade Swiper Library" option is enabled in Elementor settings
fixed: layout issues on woocommerce pages related to the Bootstrap columns naming "col-*"
added: new "Render SEO-friendly Images" feature in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance panel
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.4

# 07 Apr 2023 1.5.3

fixed: issues with AJAX transitions in mobile Safari when featured video is used
added: translatable "Close (Esc)" string in PSWP galleries
added: ability to adjust "zeros" prefix in Counter widget
improved: updated theme's .pot translation file
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.3

# 01 Mar 2023 1.5.2

fixed: typography presets didn't work in "Definitions List" widget

# 22 Feb 2023 1.5.1

fixed: "Show Logo in Loading Screen" option didn't work properly

# 21 Feb 2023 1.5.0

added: option to dynamically update header widget area during AJAX transitions (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> "Update Header Widget Area")
added: displaying of "Description" text field in the categories archives of blog
improved: compatibility with latest Elementor 3.11.x

# 20 Jan 2023 1.4.1

improved: some minor adjustments for overlay menu elements
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.7

# 10 Jan 2023 1.4.0

fixed: PHP warning "Undefined array key "image_id" when using Posts List Backgrounds and Posts Masonry Grid with "Static" data source
improved: updated Bootstrap modal library to the secure version 4.3.1
improved: widgets with "Static" data source are fully translatable in WPML from now
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.6
improved: force disable HTML minification in Autoptimize plugin if AJAX transitions are enabled (for correct page rendering)

# 09 Dec 2022 1.3.9

fixed: removed links underlines in the newest Elementor version
fixed: burger button on mobiles with empty overlay was displayed even if there was no active menu assigned to 'main menu' location
added: new "Invert Scrolling Direction" option in horizontal scrolling widgets for better compatibility with RTL layouts
added: experimental AJAX compatibility with WPForms plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.5

# 28 Oct 2022 1.3.8

fixed: styling interference with UI of Elementor builder while editing a blog post
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.3

# 24 Sep 2022 1.3.7

fixed: Kinsey Core plugin fatal error related to the latest Elementor update (please update Kinsey Core plugin to 1.2.8 version)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.0

# 18 Jul 2022 1.3.6

fixed: images in bottom navigation may appear distorted on mobiles in some cases
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.12.3

# 08 Jul 2022 1.3.5

fixed: JS error "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'pin')"
fixed: a click on "View Next" link in bottom portfolio navigation didn't do anything when AJAX transitions are off while it should direct to the next page
added: new option "Show Only Once" for preloader appearance in Customizer -> Loading Screen panel.

# 03 May 2022 1.3.4

fixed: critical frontend error in macOS/iOS Safari browser

# 29 Apr 2022 1.3.3

fixed: lightbox didn't work correctly if there was "webp" string in website URL
fixed: Elementor "deprecation" warnings in Kinsey Core plugin
improved: recalculate ScrollTrigger measures when editing a page in Elementor
improved: more accurate transform calculations in Horizontal Scrolling widgets
improved: bumped the minimum required Elementor version to 3.5.x
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.12.2

# 28 Feb 2022 1.3.2

fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable filters in WP_Theme_JSON::get_svg_filters()

# 22 Feb 2022 1.3.1

improved: now lazy images should begin to load prior the start of scrolling in "Horizontal Scrolling" widgets

# 17 Feb 2022 1.3.0

fixed: incorrect detection on whether cursor follower is running or not
fixed: in "Modular" mode the actual horizontal scrolling could start too early if there were only a few columns
fixed: "Enable AJAX Transition TO this Page" didn't work correctly in some rare cases
fixed: some Elementor inline styles weren't updated during transitions in "Internal Embedding" CSS mode
fixed: dispite that "Eval Inline JavaScript in Content Area" feature was turned on by default, it wasn't in frontend
fixed: social icons styling could get lost during transitions
fixed: hover and cursor effect in "Masonry Grid Images" widget could appear even if there was no interactive mode selected (which is wrong)
fixed: JavaScript errors related to "United Galleries" feature
added: "none" value for "Logo to Display" option in Customizer -> Loading screen panel which can hide site logo during the preloader animation
improved: removed unneeded SVG duotone filters from HTML markup that appeared since WordPress 5.9 update
improved: during AJAX transitions the router will send "Accept: image/webp" HTTP header to indicate *.webp format support by browser. This may be useful in some strategies for serving optimized *.webp images.
improved: updated Modernizr library to the latest version

# 12 Jan 2022 1.2.2

fixed: in some cases an uploaded video file didn't appear in "Parallax Background" widget
fixed: JS errors related to autoplaying videos during AJAX transitions
fixed: errors in PHP 7.0.33
improved: updated GSAP libraries to 3.9.1 version

# 29 Dec 2021 1.2.1

fixed: PHP warnings and errors when reference to an image from media library is broken

# 23 Dec 2021 1.2.0

fixed: theme conflict with Elementor's "Improved CSS Loading" feature
fixed: horizontal scrolling appearance on large touch devices like iPad Pro
fixed: lower opacity for disabled prev/next slider buttons
added: responsive controls to adjust columns width in widgets with horizontal scrolling and "Services Grid" widget
added: "Archive" button for prev/next bottom navigation style
added: ability to pre-select default active category in "Portfolio Masonry Grid" widget

# 22 Dec 2021 1.1.0

fixed: incorrect overlay menu height with absolutely positioned header
fixed: landscape images became stretched in "Images Fullscreen Horizontal Scrolling" widget
fixed: filter functionality in "Portfolio Masonry Grid" widget stopped to work when "Show Categories and Years" toggle is disabled
fixed: frontend error in Elementor 3.5.x related to section color theme switch effect on scroll
added: ability to filter projects by years in "Portfolio Masonry Grid" widget
added: optional "background" appearance mode (100% width and height) for "Images Fullscreen Horizontal Scrolling" widget
added: new masthead layout "Background Behind Content" in Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Masthead
added: ability to manually set custom prev/next posts in Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Bottom Navigation
added: option to customize top/bottom paddings for the site footer in Customizer -> Footer -> Options
improved: correct handling of Elementor Canvas Template when Header & Footer Elementor Builder plugin is used
improved: changing a post featured image inside Elementor editor will immediately update the page masthead
improved: better handling of absolutely positioned elements in admin panel when Smooth Scrolling is enabled

# 17 Dec 2021 1.0.0

initial release