# Custom Post Types

The theme registers 3 custom post types:

  • Portfolio Item arts_portfolio_item with /portfolio/ slug.
  • Service arts_service with /services/ slug.
  • Album arts_album with /albums/ slug. The slugs are used in permalinks URLs making them more user- and SEO- friendly. For example, https://mywebsite.com/portfolio/my-item

# Changing CPT Slugs

If you'd like to change the default slugs listed above, setup this handy free plugin Simple Post Type Permalinks (opens new window) which extends the default Settings -> Permalinks panel.

In this example the new portfolio slug is /works/%postname%

# Removing CPT Base

It's also possible to completely remove a slug's base in permalinks. So https://example.com/portfolio/sunrise-in-desert/ will become https://example.com/sunrise-in-desert/ in the same URLs structure as default page post type have.

Use this plugin for that task Remove CPT Base (opens new window).