# Changelog

# 23 Oct 2023 3.4.5

fixed: theme frontend failure due to a conflict with reCAPTCHA v3 script

# 19 Oct 2023 3.4.4

fixed: security update as per discovered XSS vulnerability

# 22 Sep 2023 3.4.2

fixed: scrolling to anchor after page load didn't work correctly when using a custom-made header
fixed: portfolio categories may not render correctly in some cases when using WPML plugin

# 07 Sep 2023 3.4.1

improved: automatically scroll up on submenus opening/closing if it was scrolled down
fixed: Google Maps widget threw console warning regarding the absent callback function
fixed: Elementor editing buttons in the admin bar didn't update during AJAX transitions in some cases

# 05 Sep 2023 3.4.0

improved: extended options (fluid paddings, margins, etc) are now available on "Container" layout widgets in Elementor

# 13 Aug 2023 3.3.0

fixed: warning messages when running theme on PHP 8.2.x
fixed: warnings related to Gutenberg duotone filters in widgets panel
added: API for automatic update of Rhye Core plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.0

# 12 Jul 2023 3.2.3

fixed: Query Monitor plugin threw PHP errors on Merlin wizard setup pages
fixed: Elementor frontend didn't fully load to the theme in some edge cases
fixed: empty section of posts navigation was displayed even if there were no previous or next posts to display
fixed: AJAX transitions stopped to work in admin panel (only in admin panel) when "All in One SEO" plugin is active
improved: polyfilled get_page_by_title() function which is deprecated since WordPress 6.2
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.7

# 08 Jun 2023 3.2.2

fixed: CSS conflicts in AJAX transitions when "CSS Print Method" is set to "External File"
added: AJAX compatibility for "Hide Title" option in Elementor document settings

# 01 Jun 2023 3.2.1

fixed: hover for grid filter didn't appear correctly in dark color themes

# 31 May 2023 3.2.0

fixed: webGL scenes didn't render in Safari desktop 16.x when "Offscreen Canvas" option was enabled
fixed: warnings related to TGMPA class on PHP 8
fixed: JS errors related to autoplaying videos during AJAX transitions
fixed: layout issues in mobile Safari after AJAX transitions
fixed: starting positions for parallax images may calculated incorrectly when navigating from opened overlay menu
fixed: JS errors related to uninitialized Isotope
improved: overall AJAX transitions performance due to caching of containers jQuery objects
improved: AJAX compatibility for "Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload - Contact Form 7" plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.6

# 15 Apr 2023 3.1.3

fixed: incorrect height calculation for the sliders when "Upgrade Swiper Library" option is enabled in Elementor settings
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.4

# 14 Apr 2023 3.1.2

fixed: layout issues on WooCommerce pages related to the Bootstrap columns naming "col-*"
fixed: incorrect "100% viewport height" calculation on some old iPads
fixed: issues with lightbox when images are hosted on a 3rd-party domain
added: new "Render SEO-friendly Images" feature in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance panel

# 20 Feb 2023 3.1.1

added: "Description" text field is now being displayed in categories archive pages

# 19 Feb 2023 3.1.0

improved: compatibility with latest Elementor 3.11.x

# 19 Jan 2023 3.0.1

fixed: frontend failure during AJAX transitions when menu background color is set in rgba() format
improved: force disable HTML minification in Autoptimize plugin if AJAX transitions are enabled (for correct page rendering)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.7

# 10 Jan 2023 3.0.0

fixed: PHP warning "Trying to access array offset on value of type bool" in Portfolio Halfscreen Slider widget
fixed: color of the transition curtain has been set incorrectly in some cases
added: input text field for "All Posts" label in Customizer -> Blog -> Blog Page -> Grid layout
improved: widgets with "Static" data source are fully translatable in WPML from now
improved: updated Bootstrap modal library to the secure version 4.3.1

# 26 Dec 2022 2.9.9

fixed: main title of taxonomies archive pages didn't show correctly
fixed: in Portfolio Grid widgets the grid filtering stopped to work if categories appearance was disabled which shouldn't be the case
improved: smooth hide/show languages flags in the overlay menu items
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.6

# 08 Dec 2022 2.9.8

fixed: removed links underlines in the newest Elementor version
fixed: parallax effect on a page may calculated incorrectly when navigating from opened overlay menu
added: experimental AJAX compatibility with WPForms plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.5

# 24 Sep 2022 2.9.7

fixed: Rhye Core plugin fatal error related to the latest Elementor update (please update Rhye Core plugin to 2.6.9 version)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.0

# 18 Jul 2022 2.9.6

fixed: some text strings had incorrect translation domain
added: new option "Show Only Once" for preloader appearance in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Preloader panel.

# 07 Jul 2022 2.9.5

fixed: "Show Category / Subheading" option was ignored in "Hide Background" masthead layout

# 03 May 2022 2.9.4

fixed: critical frontend error in macOS/iOS Safari browser

# 29 Apr 2022 2.9.3

fixed: lightbox didn't work correctly if there was "webp" string in website URL
fixed: PHP 8.x.x warning related to the incorrect visibility of magic "__wakeup" method
fixed: Elementor "deprecation" warnings in Rhye Core plugin
improved: recalculate ScrollTrigger measures when editing a page in Elementor
improved: bumped the minimum required Elementor version to 3.5.x
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.12.2

# 28 Feb 2022 2.9.2

fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable filters in WP_Theme_JSON::get_svg_filters()
fixed: WebGL canvases may not be sized correctly on viewport dimensions change
added: theme.json manifest file for compatibility with WordPress 5.9.x+

# 09 Feb 2022 2.9.1

improved: next project image in bottom navigation became clickable
fixed: some minor issues related to transitions

# 08 Feb 2022 2.9.0

fixed: incorrect overlay z-index in "Content Block" widget
added: option to disable "Close on scroll" feature in galleries (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Galleries)
improved: when an AJAX-eligible page link is clicked the loading indication will appear almost immediately
improved: more smooth animation in bottom navigation when smooth scrolling is off (including mobiles)
improved: during AJAX transitions the router will send "Accept: image/webp" HTTP header to indicate *.webp format support by browser. This may be useful in some strategies for serving optimized *.webp images.
improved: updated GSAP libraries to the latest version 3.9.1

# 23 Dec 2021 2.8.1

=== New features for bottom navigation section ===
added: option to loop the navigation for portfolio items of the same category assigned
added: option to display bottom navigation on post types different from "Portfolio Item". That includes "Pages", "Services", "Albums"
added: ability to manually override prev/next posts in "Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Bottom Navigation"
added: panel "Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Bottom Navigation" is now accessible from all post types
improved: moved "Bottom Navigation" panel to the main level options in Customizer from "Customizer -> Pages -> Portfolio"
improved: clean up & better organize code in bottom navigation templates

# 17 Dec 2021 2.8.0

fixed: Elementor accordion widget didn't animate smoothly
added: compatibility with Elementor Header Footer Builder plugin. When plugin is active please check "Customizer -> Theme Options -> Elementor Header & Footer Builder" options panel
added: dynamic tags support for text and URL fields in theme Elementor widgets
added: ability to adjust scrolling offset of "Scroll Down" button from "Customizer -> Theme Options -> Scroll Down"
improved: block mouse and touch events during AJAX transitions to prevent possible transition break
improved: in Portfolio Masonry Grid widgets when post type is changed to 'post', the posts 'category' taxonomy will be mapped to the filter
improved: offscreen WebGL rendering is now off by default
improved: minified vendor CSS & JS assets to improve loading speed
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.11.4
improved: removed "Simple Post Type Permalinks" from recommended plugins list (you can still install and use it if you'd like)

# 12 Oct 2021 2.7.0

fixed: reverted improvement "Smooth Scrolling container wasn't accessible for keyboard navigation right after an AJAX transition" as it caused a GPU choke when using Elementor Motion Effects
fixed: possible PHP notices in Appearance -> Widgets panel since WordPress 5.8
fixed: background position controls may become inaccessible in page masthead
added: ability to open links in new window (target="_blank") for the widgets with "Static" data source
added: live preview for "Switch Color Theme on Scroll" effect in Elementor editor
improved: avoid prefetching of the external links or links with target="_blank" attribute
improved: updated arts_is_built_with_elementor() function according to the latest Elementor coding standards
improved: removed some legacy code related to AJAX transitions in blog
improved: replaced all FontAwesome icons to EIcons in Elementor widgets controls
improved: replaced _register_controls() to register_controls() in all Elementor widgets

# 31 Aug 2021 2.6.0

fixed: AJAX transition errors when "Slider Images" widget placed on both origin & destination pages
fixed: PHP notices related to "Additional Custom Breakpoints" Elementor's feature
fixed: when AJAX navigation is off the Canvas Elementor template has been showing the theme header while it shouldn't
fixed: Circle Button widgets didn't appear when "Rotation Effect" was off in Customizer -> General Style -> Animations
added: TikTok icon to Rhye Social Media widget
added: smooth fade-in/fade-out for the styled Bootstrap modal windows (Contact Form 7 messages)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.10.1

# 20 Aug 2021 2.5.6

fixed: "division by zero" warnings in PHP 7.4 thrown from widgets with Masonry grid
fixed: Elementor Pro "Animated Headline" widget didn't initialize correctly after AJAX transitions
added: a toggle to fix the incorrectly queried posts in multilingual CMS in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Multilingual CMS
improved: compatibility with Elementor 3.4.x
improved: smoothen AJAX flying image transition in admin panel
improved: smoothen AJAX transition with native scrolling

# 26 Jul 2021 2.5.5

fixed: text overlap when hovering over a portfolio category before the appearing animation is fully finished

# 23 Jul 2021 2.5.4

fixed: logo element remained clickable even in the opened fullscreen menu
improved: better "close" button appearance in the fullscreen menu

# 21 Jul 2021 2.5.3

fixed: turning off the counters in Albums widgets caused the albums functionality to stop working
fixed: frontend conflicts with 3rd-party browser extensions
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.9

# 23 Jun 2021 2.5.2

fixed: drop-cap font-family setting wan't applied from Customizer typography options
fixed: incorrect anchor scrolling in certain cases
improved: overlay menu appearance on tablets
improved: minor under hood fix related to the latest WordPress 5.7.2
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.7

# 03 Jun 2021 2.5.1

fixed: Smooth Scrolling container wasn't accessible for keyboard navigation right after an AJAX transition
fixed: 'auto' value for the color theme selectors didn't render correctly on some elements
fixed: cursor follower positioned incorrectly on pages with dir="rtl" attribute
fixed: cursor loading state didn't reset the animation after too fast AJAX navigation
fixed: animations may suddenly stopped to initialize when navigating by forward/backward browser buttons

# 19 May 2021 2.5.0

fixed: PHP 7.4 notices thrown by Rhye core plugin
fixed: sequential paragraphs with multiple drop caps caused an unexpected duplication after the text split
fixed: vertical centering option didn't work correctly in Slider Images widget
fixed: AJAX frontend error related to Slider Images widget
fixed: flashing blog categories for the grid layout
fixed: broken categories links in blog when a special character is present in a category name
fixed: PHP warning for "Rhye: Call to Action" WordPress widget
added: automatic page hard refresh for WPML links in the menu
improved: classes "current-menu-item" and "current-menu-ancestor" are now being updated on the menu items after AJAX navigation allowing to style the currently active menu element

# 03 May 2021 2.4.1

fixed: broken anchors scrolling functionality in overlay menu
fixed: don't attempt to prefetch pages when AJAX is off
fixed: JS error in Safari caused by Slider Images widget
added: panel to adjust social icons dimensions in Customizer -> Typography -> Social Icons
added: "!important" statement to .material-icons class so Elementor typography won't override the iconic font

# 30 Apr 2021 2.4.0

NOTE: Since 2.4.0 legacy loading mode for theme CSS & JS assets is no longer supported. If you have any issues with that, please contact me by support e-mail

fixed: sometimes virtual scrollbar didn't init in overlay menu even with the enabled option in Customizer
fixed: a paragraph with drop cap didn't preserve inner HTML markup after the text split
fixed: incorrect vertical alignment for inner HTML markup elements after the text split
fixed: native browser scrollbar did appear unexpectedly when navigating to a page with fixed masthead
fixed: inaccurate images transitions from the fullscreen sliders
added: sortability for portfolio categories via Intuitive CPO plugin
improved: cut legacy assets loading mode and removed the unneeded libraries

# 20 Apr 2021 2.3.1

fixed: incorrect line breaks in halfscreen sliders on mobiles
fixed: Slider Images with enabled autoplay may cause a frontend failure during AJAX navigation
added: .entry-title class to <h1> tags on the pages so Elementor "Hide page title" toggle can work properly without an extra configuration

# 15 Apr 2021 2.3.0

fixed: redundant top and bottom spacing for excerpts on the blog page
fixed: dragging gesture in Slider Images didn't work properly in Firefox
added: seamless images transitions from the blog page to the posts (Customizer -> Blog -> Blog Page -> Enable Seamless Image Transition)
added: ability to force reload the selected page scripts in AJAX navigation (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Update Page Script Nodes)
added: toggle to show or hide the decorative quote in Slider Testimonials
added: pre-defined demo data source for the newest One Click Demo Import
improved: fullscreen menu widget area now works also for the classic menu style (widgets appear only in mobile overlay menu)
improved: updated GSAP libraries to the latest version 3.6.1

# 16 Mar 2021 2.2.1

fixed: issues with WebGL in halfscreen and circle style sliders

# 11 Mar 2021 2.2.0

fixed: page scroll didn't restore to the top after an AJAX curtain transition
added: a new performance boosting option to render WebGL widgets using Offscreen Canvas (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance -> Enable offscreen canvas rendering)
improved: in dynamic Elementor widgets when post type is changed to 'post', the posts 'category' taxonomy will be mapped to display on frontend
improved: minor style adjustments for portfolio prev/next navigation

# 01 Mar 2021 2.1.2

fixed: header styles flashing after the transition start from overlay menu
fixed: sliders dragging gesture didn't work properly in Firefox macOS
improved: updated Swiper library to the latest version 6.4.15
improved: auto enable "Optimized Assets Loading" Elementor's feature during the theme initial setup

# 26 Feb 2021 2.1.1

fixed: portfolio prev/next bottom navigation didn't load
added: compatibility with latest Contact Form 7 plugin version 5.4.x

# 22 Feb 2021 2.1.0

added: option to disable on-scroll animations for the masthead (Edit with Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Masthead -> Additional Options)
fixed: blog feed didn't show the user-generated excerpts
fixed: "text" custom field didn't display with "Hide background" page masthead layout
fixed: incorrect flying image transition in certain cases
fixed: mouse follower didn't update its position on dragging gesture
fixed: core plugin threw warnings in PHP 7.4 after the initial demo import
improved: updated Swiper library to the latest compatible version 5.4.5
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.5

# 18 Feb 2021 2.0.0

BREAKING CHANGE: Rhye 2.0 introduces the brand-new modular frontend which is aimed to improve the overall theme loading speed and performance. If you have any issues with that, please switch "Assets Loading Mode" to "Legacy" in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance and contact me by support e-mail

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: incorrect height calculation for Elementor Slider Images
fixed: incorrect counter alignment in Slider Reveal on mobiles
fixed: incorrect initial curved text alignment in "scroll down" button
fixed: text for "scroll down" button may not appear if there was fixed masthead effect enabled
added: compatibility with Elementor 3.1.x
added: compatibility with "Improved Assets Loading" Elementor's latest feature
added: option to load and eval the missing assets (JS and CSS) after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Load Missing Scripts/Styles)
added: option to asynchronously load the required assets (JS and CSS) and improve the overall performance (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance)
added: options to customize the lazy images (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance)
added: option to disable the sliding text transitions in Portfolio Fullscreen sliders
improved: ScrollMagic is now deprecated in favor of GSAP ScrollTrigger which is more performant
improved: don't enqueue frontend assets for the disabled features in Customizer (AJAX navigation, Smooth Scrolling, Outdated Browsers)
improved: constant "ARTS_THEME_VERSION" now uses the parent actual theme version
improved: under hood improvements in frontend
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.4
improved: updated all GSAP plugins to the latest version 3.6.0

# 13 Jan 2021 1.8.0

fixed: classic menu hover UX issues
fixed: WooCommerce AJAX exclusion rules caused a JS error in latest jQuery version
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/enable_optimized_sizes' to control if the generated thumbnails should be used when outputting a lazy image (see docs for more)
added: support for "text" field output in Portfolio Irregular Grid widget
added: option to add margin-bottom to the latest grid item to prevent parallax letter cut in Portfolio Irregular Grid widget
added: option to adjust the articles excerpt length in Customizer -> Blog -> Blog Page
improved: minor under hood improvements

# 11 Dec 2020 1.7.2

improved: transform calculation for the seamless image transition

# 11 Dec 2020 1.7.1

fixed: disappearing Masonry grids in Elementor preview editor
fixed: document settings changes didn't reflect in Elementor preview editor
fixed: image AJAX transition glitch when being logged in admin panel
added: compatibility with WordPress 5.6
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/placeholder' to add a custom placeholder source for lazy images

# 10 Dec 2020 1.7.0

fixed: overlapping text of CTA buttons in some Elementor widgets if on-scroll animation is turned off
fixed: misaligned language switcher area (now is sticked to the right side)
fixed: JS error when there is a link with "#elementor-action" URL on a page
fixed: 404 error for elementor-admin-bar.min.js file in console
fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: SplitText plugin may cause the incorrect line breaks on slow networks
added: experimental compatibility with Elementor Theme Builder
added: AJAX compatibility with Elementor Popups

# 02 Dec 2020 1.6.0

fixed: social media widget animation in fullscreen menu area
fixed: scroll position restore after an AJAX transition didn't work in some edge cases on mobiles
added: option to turn on/off the zoom effect in distortion transition for the sliders
added: option to enable retina support for all widgets with WebGL effects
added: responsive controls to precisely adjust the background position by X & Y axis wherever background control is present

# 18 Nov 2020 1.5.1

fixed: image overlay didn't appear in "halfscreen image / right properties" layout
added: option to display the text field in posts masthead (Document Options -> Page Masthead -> Show Text)
added: option to display the subheading or category in posts masthead (Document Options -> Page Masthead -> Show Category / Subheading)

# 11 Nov 2020 1.5.0

fixed: undesired horizontal scroll in masthead fixed layout during the animation
fixed: overlay rendering small issue in Portfolio Grids on hover
fixed: incorrect parallax effect applied on the images with present "alt" attribute
added: option to eval inline scripts in content area after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions)
added: experimental compatibility with Slider Revolution plugin (see https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/plugins/slider-revolution.html)

# 06 Nov 2020 1.4.2

fixed: incorrect fullscreen masthead layout since the last update
fixed: incorrect transition in mouse hover reveal widget on large touch devices

# 03 Nov 2020 1.4.1

fixed: incorrect alignment in fullscreen overlay menu if there are less than 3 widgets
improved: increased the fonts loading timeout before the frontend throws an error

# 28 Oct 2020 1.4.0

fixed: incorrect underline position for the active Masonry filter item when resizing the window
fixed: blog posts not shown in the grid layout if there is an empty sidebar
fixed: incorrect z-index for the content items in Image Mouse Hover Reveal widget
added: new "Prev & Next Hover" layout for the bottom portfolio navigation (Customizer -> Pages -> Portfolio)
added: 5- and -6 columns layouts to Masonry grids
added: option to position the captions above the images in Masonry Grid and Parallax Background widgets
added: option to output the portfolio items texts (set in backend) in Portfolio Masonry Grid
improved: the work of arts_get_overridden_document_option() function under the hood

# 22 Oct 2020 1.3.1

added: Scroll Down button as standalone Elementor widget
added: easing function for the anchors scrolling animation
fixed: incorrect menu width when overlay virtual scrolling is enabled

# 22 Oct 2020 1.3.0

fixed: invalid helping URLs in dynamic widget panels
fixed: video background didn't work in Content Block widget
fixed: minor mobile CSS adjustments for the Fullscreen Sliders
added: ability to turn Portfolio Fullscreen Sliders into static widgets with the custom data set from Elementor panel
added: new option in Customizer to change the header burger style to 3- or 2-lined (Customizer -> Header -> Menu)
added: optional virtual scroll bar for the overlay menu (Customizer -> Header -> Menu)

# 17 Oct 2020 1.2.1

fixed: theme fatal error thrown in certain PHP versions

# 14 Oct 2020 1.2.0

fixed: frontend failure if there is a system or fallback font selected in Typography panel
fixed: hardcoded Cinzel font for the several elements
added: new fixed layout feature in Elementor Document Settings -> Page Masthead (showcase: https://artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/portfolio/dancing-in-the-dark/)
added: new typography panels in Customizer
added: options to adjust the decorative letters amount in Portfolio and Services widgets
added: prev/next navigation in the footer on the blog posts
improved: don't let the decorative parallax letters to capture hover events

# 08 Oct 2020 1.1.0

fixed: menu vertical misalignment if there are no widgets placed in the fullscreen overlay
fixed: incorrect language switcher position for the header with classic menu
fixed: inaccessible mobile overlay menu options in Customizer -> Header -> Menu if classic menu was selected
fixed: animation timescale adjustments didn't work under the certain conditions
added: ability to embed the external media resources into lightbox (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/creating-content/using-external-media-fields.html#adding-remote-videos-to-albums)
added: compatibility with TranslatePress multilingual plugin (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/plugins/multilingual-cms.html#translatepress)
added: ability to change "play" button color theme in Elementor Lightbox Video widget
added: if WooCommerce plugin is active there will appear a toggle to disable AJAX navigation on WooCommerce pages in Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions
added: AJAX transitions speed adjustment in Customizer -> General Style -> Animations
added: optional fade effect for the fullscreen slider widget
added: ability to add number prefix/suffix in the counters widget

# 28 Sep 2020 1.0.2

fixed: locked page scrolling in latest Elementor backend editor
fixed: incorrect work of color theme changing feature if there are multiple sections with that effect on a page

# 27 Sep 2020 1.0.1

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: undesired scrollbar appearance during AJAX navigation on Windows browsers
fixed: text content didn't show in Portfolio Fullscreen/Halfscreen sliders if "category as link" button style was selected
fixed: making the buttons empty in Portfolio Fullscreen/Halfscreen Sliders caused the slider content didn't show
fixed: incorrect AJAX animation in Portfolio Iregular Grid widget
fixed: images border-radius property wasn't applied on Albums Covers Slider in Safari
improved: more precise transform calculation during flying images transitions
improved: reduced cumulative layout shift during the page initial loading

# 23 Sep 2020 1.0.0

initial release