# Changelog

# 22 Oct 2020 1.3.1

added: Scroll Down button as standalone Elementor widget
added: easing function for the anchors scrolling animation
fixed: incorrect menu width when overlay virtual scrolling is enabled

# 22 Oct 2020 1.3.0

fixed: invalid helping URLs in dynamic widget panels
fixed: video background didn't work in Content Block widget
fixed: minor mobile CSS adjustments for the Fullscreen Sliders
added: ability to turn Portfolio Fullscreen Sliders into static widgets with the custom data set from Elementor panel
added: new option in Customizer to change the header burger style to 3- or 2-lined (Customizer -> Header -> Menu)
added: optional virtual scroll bar for the overlay menu (Customizer -> Header -> Menu)

# 17 Oct 2020 1.2.1

fixed: theme fatal error thrown in certain PHP versions

# 14 Oct 2020 1.2.0

fixed: frontend failure of there is a system or fallback font selected in Typography panel
fixed: hardcoded Cinzel font for the several elements
added: new fixed layout feature in Elementor Document Settings -> Page Masthead (showcase: https://artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/portfolio/dancing-in-the-dark/)
added: new typography panels in Customizer
added: options to adjust the decorative letters amount in Portfolio and Services widgets
added: prev/next navigation in the footer on the blog posts
improved: don't let the decorative parallax letters to capture hover events

# 08 Oct 2020 1.1.0

fixed: menu vertical misalignment if there are no widgets placed in the fullscreen overlay
fixed: incorrect language switcher position for the header with classic menu
fixed: inaccessible mobile overlay menu options in Customizer -> Header -> Menu if classic menu was selected
fixed: animation timescale adjustments didn't work under the certain conditions
added: ability to embed the external media resources into lightbox (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/creating-content/using-external-media-fields.html#adding-remote-videos-to-albums)
added: compatibility with TranslatePress multilingual plugin (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rhye/wp/plugins/multilingual-cms.html#translatepress)
added: ability to change "play" button color theme in Elementor Lightbox Video widget
added: if WooCommerce plugin is active there will appear a toggle to disable AJAX navigation on WooCommerce pages in Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions
added: AJAX transitions speed adjustment in Customizer -> General Style -> Animations
added: optional fade effect for the fullscreen slider widget
added: ability to add number prefix/suffix in the counters widget

# 28 Sep 2020 1.0.2

fixed: locked page scrolling in latest Elementor backend editor
fixed: incorrect work of color theme changing feature if there are multiple sections with that effect on a page

# 27 Sep 2020 1.0.1

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: undesired scrollbar appearance during AJAX navigation on Windows browsers
fixed: text content didn't show in Portfolio Fullscreen/Halfscreen sliders if "category as link" button style was selected
fixed: making the buttons empty in Portfolio Fullscreen/Halfscreen Sliders caused the slider content didn't show
fixed: incorrect AJAX animation in Portfolio Iregular Grid widget
fixed: images border-radius property wasn't applied on Albums Covers Slider in Safari
improved: more precise transform calculation during flying images transitions
improved: reduced cumulative layout shift during the page initial loading

# 23 Sep 2020 1.0.0

initial release