# Requirements

  • In order to work with the template you should setup and use a web-server (external or built-in to your code editor) during the development. The template frontend won't run if you simply open *.html files from filesystem.
  • For the best development experience it's recommended to setup a professional development tool like free Visual Studio Code (opens new window)
  • The template was coded using a text editor. It was NOT tested with Adobe Dreamweaver or any other WYSYWIG site editor. It's recommended against the using of any visual editors.
  • The template represents a set of static HTML5 files for the further development. There is no CMS or admin panel behind and it's NOT a WordPress theme.

# Browsers Compatibility

# Supported Browsers

✅ Google Chrome
✅ Safari 13+
✅ Firefox
✅ Opera
✅ Microsoft Edge

# Unsupported Browsers

❌ Internet Explorer
❌ Opera Mini
❌ Safari 12 and below