Template Structure

The complete list of the used plugins and libraries is available in Credits section of the documentation.


File Description
📄 HTML/css/vendor.css Bundle of libraries styles.
📄 HTML/css/main.css Contains template overall styles with the table of contents. Make all necessary styling customizations and adjustments in that file.


File Description
📄 HTML/js/vendor.js Bundle of libraries scripts.
📄 HTML/js/components.js Contains components functionality with the table of contents. Components are separated and named as JavaScript classes. You can customize the template functionality by editing this file.


Folder Description
📁 HTML/img/assets/ Images of the template components. There are grey placeholders which you should replace with your own images. Each placeholder has helpful image size guide.
📁 HTML/img/content/ Favicons and Open Graph Images.
📁 HTML/img/general/ General template graphics shared by different components and libraries.


Source Description
🌐 Google Fonts For the sake of performance all the fonts are served from Google Fonts server.
📁 HTML/fonts/ Icon fonts in different formats that are required to properly display some pictograms.