18 Sep 2020 1.2.1

fixed: submenu position if there are few top-level menu items
added: append "has-opened-submenu" class to the menu wrapper if there is a submenu opened

27 Apr 2020 1.2.0

updated: development environment to Gulp 4
added: keyboard control support for the fullscreen sliders
added: mobile touch swipes support for the fullscreen sliders
added: "view project" in/out animation during the slide changing
Required to update the following functions in HTML/js/components.js file:
var SliderHalfScreen
var SliderHeadings

Required to add the following rule in HTML/css/main.css file:
.slider-halfscreen__content {
  max-height: 100%;

15 Apr 2020 1.1.3

fixed: added missing source CSS files to the package

13 Apr 2020 1.1.2

added: SASS and JS source files to the package
updated: new documentation

21 Nov 2019 1.1.1

fixed: Google Analytics produced a console error with active adBlock

20 Nov 2019 1.1.0

improved: better performance on dual-gpu hardware 
improved: more smooth and performant overlay menu 
improved: better AJAX loading speed 
added: cursor progress loading 
added: spinner AJAX loading indicator for mobiles where there is no loading cursor 
added: edgeEasing plugin for Smooth Scrollbar 
added: handling of anchor smooth scrolling for Smooth Scrollbar 

11 Aug 2019 1.0.2

added: AJAX compatibility with popular ad tracking systems (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrika)
updated: documentation

26 Apr 2019 1.0.1

fixed: items flickering in menu on page transition

25 Apr 2019 1.0.0

initial release