# Troubleshooting Fonts Loading Issues

If you're getting a message related to the failure of the fonts loading here are the solutions:

# You're using Google Fonts

Using FTP or hosting panel, delete all the contents of 📁 wp-content/fonts/ folder (there should be the subfolders with the downloaded fonts). Doing so will force the theme to re-download & re-link the broken fonts.

# You're using self-hosted custom fonts

Go to Admin Panel -> Custom Fonts. Double check each of the custom font and make sure that the fonts *.woff or *.woff2 files are present in media library and are linked to the corresponding fonts. If you're not sure – delete the font files and re-upload them again.

# You're using Adobe Fonts

Make sure that linked Adobe Project ID is valid in your account and has the attached fonts into it. If you're not sure – create a new Project ID to be used on the website and re-select the required fonts.