# Changelog

# 28 Oct 2022 1.1.3

fixed: images loading didn't fire after filtering Masonry grids
improved: removed source maps references from CSS and JS assets (removed warnings in console)

# 13 Sep 2022 1.1.2

added: correct handling of error event for Gulp Sass
improved: dev environment compatibility with latest NodeJS v18

# 23 Jun 2021 1.1.1

fixed: 2+ submenu levels didn't render properly in overlay menu
improved: update menu <li> classes during AJAX navigation

changes in file HTML/js/components.js
var MenuOverlay
function syncAttributes
function PJAXUpdateNodes

# 27 Apr 2020 1.1.0

updated: development environment to Gulp 4
fixed: import fail of *.sass files on some Node environments
improved: better flying headings animations based on their positions on the page
added: window.theme.animations.flyingHeadingsStagger parameter to control the stagger amount

# 13 Apr 2020 1.0.7

added: SASS and JS source files to the package
updated: new documentation

# 11 Nov 2019 1.0.6

improved: better performance on dual-gpu hardware

# 21 Aug 2019 1.0.5

fixed: incorrect flying chars placement during the AJAX transition in some cases

# 11 Aug 2019 1.0.4

added: AJAX compatibility with popular ad tracking systems (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrika)
updated: documentation

# 08 Aug 2019 1.0.3

fixed: potential heading wrong placement during AJAX transition in some browsers

# 07 Aug 2019 1.0.2

fixed: scrollbars blinking when opening a fullscreen menu
improved: mobile height calculation function now uses separate <style> tag for var(--fix-bar-vh)
improved: split chars function is now better handles the lines with odd words amount
improved: in sliders image positions are now recalculated on viewport resize (with debounce)
improved: better template overall performance

# 29 Jul 2019 1.0.1

fixed: images are not shown in masonry grids on very tall screens.
added: keyboard left/right navigation on fullscreen sliders.
added: some more articles to documentation.

# 22 Jul 2019 1.0.0

initial release