# Changelog

# 29 Apr 2022 2.7.4

fixed: PHP 8.x.x warning related to the incorrect visibility of magic "__wakeup" method
fixed: Elementor "deprecation" warnings in Rubenz Core plugin
improved: bumped the minimum required Elementor version to 3.5.x
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.12.2

# 28 Feb 2022 2.7.3

fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable filters in WP_Theme_JSON::get_svg_filters()

# 17 Feb 2022 2.7.2

fixed: incorrect alignment for logo in "Logo Description" widget (wasn't centered)
added: options to customize lazy images appearance (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Lazy Images)
improved: removed unneeded SVG duotone filters from HTML markup that appeared since WordPress 5.9 update
improved: during AJAX transitions the router will send "Accept: image/webp" HTTP header to indicate *.webp format support by browser. This may be useful in some strategies for serving optimized *.webp images.
improved: updated Modernizr library to the latest version

# 29 Dec 2021 2.7.1

fixed: fatal error in PHP 7.2.x versions

# 17 Dec 2021 2.7.0

fixed: JS error when "Improved assets loading" Elementor feature is turned on
fixed: Elementor accordion widget didn't animate smoothly
improved: replaced all FontAwesome icons with EIcons in Elementor widgets controls
improved: minified vendor CSS & JS assets to improve loading speed
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.11.4

# 31 Aug 2021 2.6.0

fixed: resized markers were positioned with an offset in Google Map widget
fixed: PHP notices related to "Additional Custom Breakpoints" Elementor's feature
fixed: Smooth Scrolling container wasn't accessible for keyboard navigation right after the page load
added: TikTok icon to Rhye Social Media widget
added: smooth fade-in/fade-out for the styled Bootstrap modal windows (Contact Form 7 messages)
improved: classes "current-menu-item" and "current-menu-ancestor" are now being updated on the menu items after AJAX navigation allowing to style the currently active menu element
improved: renamed deperecated _register_controls() methods to register_controls() for the theme Elementor widgets
improved: renamed deperecated _content_template() methods to content_template() for the theme Elementor widgets
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.10.1
deprecated: slug customization no longer works since WordPress 5.8.x. To customize the portfolio post slug please use this free WordPress plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-post-type-permalinks/

# 28 May 2021 2.5.3

fixed: incorrect image alignment when hovering an item in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget
fixed: loading issues in masonry grid in Firefox
fixed: PHP 7.4 notices thrown by Rubenz core plugin
added: "All" label customization in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.6

# 22 Mar 2021 2.5.2

added: ability to force reload the selected page scripts in AJAX navigation (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Update Page Script Nodes)

# 26 Feb 2021 2.5.1

fixed: last update caused PHP fatal error (please remove / install again Rubenz Core plugin)

# 25 Feb 2021 2.5.0

fixed: blog page didn't load with the enabled "Improved Assets Loading" Elementor's feature
added: compatibility with latest Contact Form 7 plugin version 5.4.x
added: option to load and eval the missing assets (JS and CSS) after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Load Missing Scripts/Styles)
added: option to eval inline scripts in content area after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Eval Inline JavaScript in Content Area)
added: emit "DOMContentLoaded" event after each AJAX transition
improved: minor backend and frontend improvements

# 29 Jan 2021 2.4.1

fixed: incorrect transform calculation for parallax effects
fixed: abnormal captions offset in in Rubenz Slider Images widget
fixed: incorrect wrapper size calculation for the lazy images
added: compatibility with "Improved Assets Loading" Elementor's latest feature
added: panel to enable/disable the outdated browsers notification in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Outdated Browsers
improved: don't enqueue frontend assets for the disabled features in Customizer (AJAX navigation, Smooth Scrolling, Outdated Browsers)
improved: constant "ARTS_THEME_VERSION" now uses the parent actual theme version

# 28 Jan 2021 2.4.0

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: wrong slider height calculation in Rubenz Slider Images widget
added: compatibility with Elementor 3.1.x
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/enable_optimized_sizes' to control if the generated thumbnails should be used when outputting a lazy image (see docs for more)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.4
improved: under hood improvements in frontend

# 14 Dec 2020 2.3.0

fixed: Woocommerce AJAX exclusion rules in the latest WP jQuery library
fixed: JS error when there is a link with "#elementor-action" URL on a page
fixed: 404 error for elementor-admin-bar.min.js file in console
fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
fixed: disappearing Masonry grids in Elementor preview editor
added: compatibility with WordPress 5.6
added: anchors scrolling compatibility with Smooth Scrolling and AJAX transitions
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/placeholder' to add a custom placeholder source for lazy images
added: experimental compatibility with Elementor Theme Builder
added: AJAX compatibility with Elementor Popups

# 04 Nov 2020 2.2.0

fixed: frontend failure of there is a system or fallback font selected in Typography panel
fixed: posts styles didn't apply correctly when navigating from Blog pages to Elementor pages via AJAX
fixed: blog featured image didn't appear in fullscreen overlay menu

# 09 Oct 2020 2.1.3

added: compatibility with TranslatePress multilingual plugin (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rubenz/wp/plugins/multilingual-cms.html#translatepress)
added: if WooCommerce plugin is active there will appear a toggle to disable AJAX navigation on WooCommerce pages in Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rubenz/wp/customization/ajax-transitions.html#excluding-woocommerce-pages)

# 28 Sep 2020 2.1.2

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation

# 23 Sep 2020 2.1.1

added: option to adjust images overlay opacity in Fullscreen Headings Slider widget
improved: Material Icons are now served locally instead of Google Fonts server for better loading speed

# 18 Sep 2020 2.1.0

fixed: double loading of Google Fonts in some edge cases
added: AJAX compatibility for the pages based on Elementor Canvas template
added: option to adjust AJAX router rules per specific page (Edit with Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page AJAX Transition)
added: option to disable zoom hover effect in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget
added: a field to update page head nodes (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions)
added: helpful articles in theme docs regarding the new AJAX options
improved: more smooth zoom in/out image hover effect in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget
improved: color themes in some places
improved: minor underhood frontend improvements

# 03 Sep 2020 2.0.3

fixed: dark color themes for Testimonials and Pricing Table widgets
added: option to turn on/off the system cursor loading state
added: JS events on the main window (for developers): 'arts/barba/transition/start', 'arts/barba/transition/init', 'arts/barba/transition/end'
improved: minor frontend optimizations
improved: increased priority for enqueuing child theme styles to load them lately

# 27 Aug 2020 2.0.2

fixed: incorrect import of some demo pages when running on Elementor 3+
added: apply "no-ajax" class for the links to exclude them from AJAX transitions
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.0
improved: convenient highlight for custom JS code field in Customizer

# 18 Aug 2020 2.0.1

improved: minor underhood optimizations

# 24 Jul 2020 2.0.0

fixed: inaccessible Google Map markers on mobile touch devices
fixed: inline Elementor Google Fonts didn't load after AJAX transition
fixed: incorrect render of Animated Headline widget (Elementor Pro) after AJAX transition
fixed: duplicated response messages in Contact Form 7 latest version
fixed: avatars may not load in Slider Testimonials if mouse click navigation were used
added: compatibility with Elementor 3
added: AJAX compatibility with Lottie animations (Elementor Pro)
added: error message if the declared fonts are failed to load
added: helpful article on how to fix broken fonts problem in theme documentation
improved: optimized images loading speed by serving proper sizes and srcset
improved: minimized database queries from dynamic theme widgets
improved: implemented singleton pattern for all the theme widgets classes
improved: better compatibility with latest WPML
improved: removed duplicated fonts names declaration to load in frontend
improved: if AJAX is off, enqueue Google Maps API script only whenever it's required
improved: removed theme version parameter from Material Icons CSS

# 03 Jul 2020 1.9.10

fixed: footer bottom widget area didn't appear if no footer columns are present
improved: removed redundant eval code

# 26 Jun 2020 1.9.9

fixed: PolyLang language dropdown did open an incorrect page after AJAX transitions
fixed: unreadable headings in Masonry Grid dark theme
fixed: broken counters ordering in Portfolio Masonry Grid & Portfolio Two Rows widgets
added: option to enable/disable AJAX image transition for all the dynamic widgets
added: option in Customizer to evaluate inline scripts after AJAX transitions
added: option in Customizer to prevent AJAX transitions from header widget area
added: option in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget to enable/disable decorative counters
updated: ACF Pro to latest version 5.8.12

# 06 Jun 2020 1.9.8

fixed: frontend error if canvas element doesn't exist

# 22 May 2020 1.9.7

added: handling of anchors scrolling for '#link" elements on the page
added: the closing of overlay menu in case of a clicked anchor link
added: support for wp_body_open() hook
fixed: PHP notices produced by Rubenz: Social Media widget
fixed: Source maps notices in console
updated: .pot translation files

# 15 May 2020 1.9.6

fixed: PHP error during the theme update on some web-servers
fixed: incorrect work of multiple fullscreen sliders placed on a page
improved: Fullscreen Slider parallax performance on Windows Firefox & Edge
added: ability to hide arrows in Portfolio Fullscreen Slider widget
updated: ACF Pro to latest version 5.8.11

# 03 May 2020 1.9.5

fixed: interaction glitch in overlay menu on some touch mobile devices

# 24 Apr 2020 1.9.4

added: option to reposition "next" portfolio item as first on mobiles in Customizer -> Portfolio
added: option to disable touch swipe controls in fullscreen sliders
added: option to enable/disable "fit to viewport height" in Customizer -> General Style -> Layout
added: WordPress filters to add custom social icons (ref: https://docs.artemsemkin.com/rubenz/wp/tips-tricks/adding-custom-social-icons.html)
added: new icons to Social Media widget
improved: compatibility for Waypoints JS library

# 10 Apr 2020 1.9.3

fixed: vertical alignment mode in Slider Images
fixed: Adobe Fonts PHP warning
added: window resizing handler to update the fullscreen sliders
updated: new theme docs

# 11 Mar 2020 1.9.2

added: compatibility with Elementor 2.9.5+
added: backward compatibility for Elementor 2.8.5 and below
improved: separated Elementor editor frontend from the main theme script
updated: SplitText library to the latest version

# 22 Feb 2020 1.9.1

fixed: incorrect lines breaks produced by text splitting
fixed: AJAX transition crash with enabled AdBlocker and Google Analytics
updated: new fonts loading strategy

# 13 Feb 2020 1.9.0

added: compatibility with Swiper 5.x
added: compatibility for upcoming Elementor 2.9.x
added: options for hiding indicators in "Portfolio Headings Slider" Elementor widgets
updated: handlers and versions for the frontend assets

# 27 Jan 2020 1.8.1

fixed: Elementor standard animations didn't run on the elements placed after the Masonry grids on a page
fixed: Elementor Pro sticky glitches when switching between pages (only native scroll is currently supported for sticky effects)
added: AJAX compatibility for CF7 Conditional Fields plugin

# 08 Jan 2020 1.8.0

fixed: potential page crash if Slider Images Widget had progress bar turned off
added: cursor progress during initial page load
added: styled modal windows for Contact Form 7 (error/submit events)
added: on/off option for new styled modal windows for Contact Form 7.
added: WordPress filters for changing query arguments in the dynamic widgets.
improved: cursor mouse follower now uses transforms instead of left/top to improve the performance
improved: updated .pot theme language file
improved: updated .pot plugin language file
improved: updated theme docs

# 27 Dec 2019 1.7.0

fixed: scrollbar thumb may become inaccessible in the top part of the page
fixed: Kirki plugin didn't activate automatically during theme wizard setup
fixed: OC Demo Import conflict with Merlin wizard setup. Now loads only 1 demo importer at the same time
improved: page scroll and slider mousewheel now works even if mouse pointer is over the header area

# 22 Dec 2019 1.6.2

improved: smooth scrollbar now emits a native scroll window event instead of registering dozens of callbacks as event listeners

# 21 Dec 2019 1.6.1

added: compatibility with Elementor Gallery widget from Elementor Pro
added: smooth scrolling plugin now emits native window scroll events enabling compatibility with scroll-based JS plugins
added: compatibility with parallax motion effects from Elementor Pro
added: keyboard control for the fullscreen sliders (on/off from widget options)
added: support for mobile touch gestures in fullscreen sliders
improved: Contact 7 Form now will send data over AJAX after a page transition (was a page hard refresh)
improved: cleaned up unnecessary code
fixed: halfscreen slider content may not appear on mobile because of an overridden CSS rule by Autoptimize plugin
fixed: incorrect footer widgets setup during the demo import

# 25 Nov 2019 1.5.3

fixed: setup wizard threw error message "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page" after the initial theme activation in WordPress 5.3
fixed: Google Analytics threw console error with active Ad Blocker
improved: handling placeholders in the form input fields
improved: header position absolute is now compatible with Smooth Scroll
added: page style handling for Essential Addons for Elementor plugin

# 07 Nov 2019 1.5.2

fixed: posts amount limit function in Elementor dynamic widgets

# 29 Oct 2019 1.5.1

added: detecting of outdated browsers and advising users to upgrade to a new version
added: mousewheel control on/off for portfolio fullscreen sliders
improved: removed plugin-territory <head> tags
improved: dynamically add pingback URLs to blog posts

# 24 Oct 2019 1.5.0

added: Rubenz Elementor widgets are now fully compatible with WPML's Translation Editor
improved: better code structure in Rubenz Core Elementor extension class

# 14 Oct 2019 1.4.0

added: support for custom fonts uploading (new option panel in admin menu)
added: masthead backgrounds support for blog posts (Customizer -> Blog -> Masthead)
added: draggable slider cursor indication (images slider)
improved: Adobe Fonts are now supported by default (no more toggle needed)
improved: changed CSS variable var(--vh) to var(--fix-bar-vh)
improved: there is an inline style now created instead of  property for mobile bar height correction
improved: better <head> update function for AJAX transitions
improved: removed PJAXWaitContainerImages() promise from AJAX next page init to improve loading speed
fixed: overlay menu may not open again when going to a single blog post

# 09 Oct 2019 1.3.0

improved: better performance on dual-gpu hardware
improved: more smooth overlay menu
added: cursor progress loading
added: spinner AJAX loading indicator (separate options for desktop and mobiles in Customizer)
updated: ACF Pro 5.8.4

# 12 Sep 2019 1.2.2

fixed: color theme selector didn't appear in document settings

# 11 Sep 2019 1.2.1

added: container fullwidth/boxed layout selector in Customizer for both header & footer

# 11 Sep 2019 1.2.0

added: compatibility with Elementor 2.7+

# 27 Aug 2019 1.1.6

added: new options for smooth scroll (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Smooth Scroll)
added: Edge Easing plugin for smooth scroll
updated: menu overlay hover
fixed: Elementor lightbox gallery after AJAX transition
fixed: slider images height calculation
removed: unnecessary scripts

# 17 Aug 2019 1.1.5

fixed: links on non-Elementor pages didn't load other pages via AJAX

# 15 Aug 2019 1.1.4

added: additional text field for portfolio items that is displayed in full screen sliders
added: "explore" button slider animation

# 14 Aug 2019 1.1.3

improved: more smooth menu closing animation
improved: more smooth sub-level menu transition

# 13 Aug 2019 1.1.2

fixed: portfolio slider 2 rows didn't show on mobiles

# 12 Aug 2019 1.1.1

fixed: overlay menu glitches in Safari
improved: overlay menu performance
added: AJAX compatibility with popular ad tracking systems (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrika)

# 01 Aug 2019 1.1.0

fixed: incorrect text split in some rare cases in Safari
fixed: Elementor lightbox gallery didn't show correctly after AJAX transition
added: portfolio slug customization (Customizer -> Portfolio -> Enable custom portfolio slug)
added: portfolio categories taxonomies (can be used for filtering in portfolio masonry grid)
updated: more portfolio display control possibilities in all dynamic widgets (all, limited amount, excluding certain items)
added: ability to filter items by categories in portfolio masonry grid

# 08 Jul 2019 1.0.7

added: an option to control the number of displayed custom posts in dynamic Elementor widgets
updated: bundled plugin Advanced Custom Fields 5.8.1
updated: bundled plugin Rubenz Core 1.0.1

# 19 Jun 2019 1.0.6

added: Adobe Fonts (Typekit) support

# 14 Jun 2019 1.0.5

fixed: 404 page

# 12 Jun 2019 1.0.3 / 1.0.4

improved: default Elementor widgets compatibility
improved: mobile 100vh calculation for home sliders

# 09 Jun 2019 1.0.2

fixed: incorrect slider images height in Safari

# 07 Jun 2019 1.0.1

fixed: scroll restoration when closing overlay menu

# 06 Jun 2019 1.0.0

initial release