# Changelog

# 13 Jan 2021 1.3.3

fixed: classic menu hover UX issues
added: anchor scrolling for the footer links
changes in file HTML/css/main.css
.menu > li > a {
  padding-top: 10px;
  padding-bottom: 10px;

.menu .sub-menu {
  top: 100%;
.menu .sub-menu ul {
  top: 0;
changes in file HTML/js/components.js
class SmoothScroll

# 15 Dec 2020 1.3.2

fixed: smooth scrolling to page anchors
changes in file HTML/js/components.js
class SmoothScroll

# 29 Oct 2020 1.3.1

fixed: incorrect underline position for the active Masonry filter item when resizing the window
added: support for iFrames embedding into galleries popups
added: proper handling of autoplaying videos if there are multiple ones placed to the gallery popup

changes in file HTML/js/components.js
class Pswp
class PSWPAlbum
class Filter

# 14 Oct 2020 1.3.0

added: support for anchors scrolling: from page header, after initial page load, after AJAX transition
improved: minor changes in lazy loading init
improved: don't grow AJAX cache on mobiles to prevent memory leaks

changes in file HTML/js/components.js
class Scroll
class Header
class PJAX
function PJAXFinishLoading
function PJAXInitNewPage
function initComponents
function initComponentsOnce

# 09 Oct 2020 1.2.0

fixed: incorrect layout in the blog posts grid after AJAX transition on slow network
fixed: many many serial clicks on grid filter caused page to crash
added: on-scroll background change feature with showcase on this page: project-details-4-halfscreen-left-left.html
added: new AJAX window hooks "arts/barba/transition/clone/before", "arts/barba/transition/init/before", "arts/barba/transition/init/after" (for developers)
improved: more precise transform calculation during flying images transitions
improved: removed SourceMap warning from Swiper library
improved: updated GSAP libraries to the latest versions

changes in file HTML/js/components.js
class Grid
class LazyLoad
class SectionGrid
class SectionScroll
function PJAXAnimateClonnedImage
function PJAXInitNewPage
function PJAXStartLoading

changes in file HTML/css/main.css

.section-scroll {
  transition: background-color 0.4s ease;

# 08 Aug 2020 1.1.4

fixed: incorrect appearance of page masthead in mobile Firefox on Android devices (css/main.css lines 5121-5127)
fixed: layout trashing if there are many magnetic arrows placed on a page (js/components.js liens 3262-3264)
improved: make 'touchstart' listeners to be passive to improve the mobile scrolling performance (js/components.js lines 101-122)

# 04 Jun 2020 1.1.3

fixed: counter misalignment on projects-slider-fullscreen-5.html page in Firefox
updated: GSAP plugins to the latest versions

.slider-fullscreen-projects__counter_centered {
  transform: translate(-50%, -50%) !important;

# 05 May 2020 1.1.2

fixed: frontend failure in older Webkit browsers (Safari 12.1)
fixed: GSAP warnings in case of a single-level menu

# 30 Apr 2020 1.1.1

added: video background example to page project-details-2-bottom-center.html

# 23 Apr 2020 1.1.0

updated: development environment to Gulp 4
fixed: blog list transition background
fixed: import fail of *.sass files on some Node environments

# 14 Apr 2020 1.0.3

fixed: mousewheel sliders control on Windows (ref: https://github.com/nolimits4web/swiper/issues/3420)

# 13 Apr 2020 1.0.2

added: SASS and JS source files to the package

# 10 Apr 2020 1.0.1

updated: all frontend plugins to the latest versions
fixed: page flashing during AJAX transition in Microsoft Edge
fixed: slider images height calculation

# 07 Apr 2020 1.0.0

initial release