# Changelog

# 13 Sep 2022 1.1.1

fixed: incorrect whitespace in several Sass files caused Gulp to crash
added: correct handling of error event for Gulp Sass

changes in source files:


# 21 Apr 2022 1.1.0

fixed: in "Modular" mode the actual horizontal scrolling could start too early if there were only a few columns
fixed: unnecessary scroll position restore in horizontal scrolling sections on ScrollTrigger refresh call
improved: deprecated "data-arts-horizontal-scroll-start-delay", "data-arts-horizontal-scroll-end-delay" and "arts-horizontal-scroll-disabled-at" attributes
improved: lazy images should begin to load prior the start of scrolling in horizontal scrolling sections
improved: automatically close overlay menu when switching to display classic menu (e.g. on a tablet orientation change)

changes in file HTML/js/components.js

class SectionHorizontalScroll
class Header

# 21 Sep 2021 1.0.2

fixed: incorrect resources path in Gulp environment

# 09 Aug 2021 1.0.1

fixed: closing gallery issue on 021-portfolio-details-masthead-boxed-vertical.html page
improved: updated GSAP plugins to the latest versions 3.7.1

# 23 Jul 2021 1.0.0

initial release