# Changelog

Experiencing issues with fonts rendering?

Here is the instruction on how to fix them: Resolving Fonts Rendering Issue (opens new window)

# 26 Mar 2024 3.2.9

fixed: PHP warning when core plugin is not able to receive update data

# 18 Mar 2024 3.2.8

added: AJAX compatibility for "Email Address Obfuscation" feature provided by CloudFlare
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.7

# 15 Mar 2024 3.2.7

fixed: fonts loading issue related to Kirki plugin (please update Kirki to 5.0.1 after the theme update and empty /wp-content/fonts folder)
Plugin download link: https://artemsemkin.com/common-plugins/kirki.zip

# 17 Jan 2024 3.2.6

fixed: Intuitive Custom Posts Order may stop to work due to incorrect capabilities
fixed: PHP warning thrown by TGM_Plugin_Activation class in some edge cases
added: WordPress & PHP versions requirements for both theme and core plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.5

# 02 Jan 2024 3.2.5

fixed: security patch as per discovered XSS vulnerability in TGM_Plugin_Activation class
added: shortcode [arts_current_year] to display current year

# 15 Dec 2023 3.2.4

fixed: Swiper compatibility issues with Elementor Pro

# 10 Dec 2023 3.2.3

added: support for opening links in new window for the widgets when in static mode
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.4

# 19 Oct 2023 3.2.2

fixed: security update as per discovered XSS vulnerability

# 22 Sep 2023 3.2.0

fixed: portfolio categories may not render correctly in some cases when using WPML plugin
fixed: warning messages when running theme on PHP 8.2.x
fixed: warnings related to Gutenberg duotone filters in widgets panel
fixed: warnings in Slider Images widget
fixed: Google Maps widget threw console warning regarding the absent callback function
fixed: cursor follower has been positioning incorrectly when dragging over Slider Images widget
fixed: "Edit with Elementor" button has been poining to incorrect target after AJAX transitions in admin panel
added: API for automatic update for Cassio Core plugin
improved: extended options (fluid paddings, margins, etc) are now available on "Container" layout widgets in Elementor
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.2.1

# 12 Jul 2023 3.1.0

fixed: warnings related to TGMPA class on PHP 8
fixed: CSS conflicts in AJAX transitions when "CSS Print Method" is set to "External File"
fixed: PHP warning if a slide doesn't have an assiged featured image in "Static" data source type
fixed: Query Monitor plugin threw PHP errors on Merlin wizard setup pages
added: AJAX compatibility for "Hide Title" option in Elementor document settings
improved: polyfilled get_page_by_title() function which is deprecated since WordPress 6.2
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.1.7

# 25 Feb 2023 3.0.1

fixed: Swiper compatibility issues in Elementor 3.11.2

# 21 Feb 2023 3.0.0

improved: compatibility with latest Elementor 3.11.x

# 14 Feb 2023 2.9.0

added: sortability for portfolio categories via Intuitive CPO plugin
improved: force disable HTML minification in Autoptimize plugin if AJAX transitions are enabled (for correct page rendering)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.7

# 09 Dec 2022 2.8.9

fixed: removed links underlines in the newest Elementor version
added: experimental AJAX compatibility with WPForms plugin
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 6.0.5

# 19 Sep 2022 2.8.8

fixed: when AJAX navigation is off and "Elementor Canvas" template used, the page theme header was still displayed while it shouldn't
added: new option "Show Only Once" for preloader appearance in Customizer -> Loading Screen panel
added: new option to disable split chars animation in the fullscreen overlay menu in Customizer -> Header -> Menu

# 23 Jun 2022 2.8.7

fixed: in some cases the applied changes didn't reflect to the live preview in Elementor

# 04 May 2022 2.8.6

fixed: live editing stopped to work in the newest Elementor in Document Settings panel

# 29 Apr 2022 2.8.5

fixed: PHP 8.x.x warning related to the incorrect visibility of magic "__wakeup" method
fixed: Elementor "deprecation" warnings in Cassio Core plugin
improved: bumped the minimum required Elementor version to 3.5.x
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.12.2

# 28 Feb 2022 2.8.4

fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable filters in WP_Theme_JSON::get_svg_filters()

# 23 Feb 2022 2.8.3

fixed: PHP warnings related to "Social Media" widget
improved: increased max. allowed number up to 1 million in counters in "About" widget

# 17 Feb 2022 2.8.2

added: options to customize lazy images appearance (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Lazy Images)
improved: during AJAX transitions the router will send "Accept: image/webp" HTTP header to indicate *.webp format support by browser. This may be useful in some strategies for serving optimized *.webp images.
improved: updated Modernizr library to the latest version

# 12 Jan 2022 2.8.1

fixed: last character in split text has been animating with a delay in Chrome
added: hover effect options for the bottom navigation (Customizer -> Pages -> Portfolio)
added: toggle to enable/disable split text transition in fullscreen sliders (Elementor -> Fullscreen Slider -> Style -> "Enable Text Transition")

# 17 Dec 2021 2.8.0

fixed: JS error when "Improved assets loading" Elementor feature is turned on
fixed: current panel didn't restore correctly after preview reload in Elementor document settings
fixed: video backgrounds may suddenly disappear in iOS Safari
fixed: Elementor accordion widget didn't animate smoothly
improved: replaced all FontAwesome icons to EIcons in Elementor widgets controls
improved: minified vendor CSS & JS assets to improve loading speed
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.11.4

# 25 Sep 2021 2.7.1

fixed: WebGL crashing in macOS Safari 15
improved: renamed deperecated _register_controls() methods to register_controls() for the theme Elementor widgets
improved: renamed deperecated _content_template() methods to content_template() for the theme Elementor widgets

# 31 Aug 2021 2.7.0

fixed: PHP notices related to "Additional Custom Breakpoints" Elementor's feature
fixed: Smooth Scrolling container wasn't accessible for keyboard navigation right after the page load
fixed: background images didn't stretch to the container when parallax effect was off
fixed: frontend conflicts with 3rd-party browser extensions
improved: pause WebGL slider rendering when it's not in a view
improved: classes "current-menu-item" and "current-menu-ancestor" are now being updated on the menu items after AJAX navigation allowing to style the currently active menu element
improved: match the menu morphing letter with the currently active menu title
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.10.1

# 29 Mar 2021 2.6.1

fixed: page height was calculated incorrectly after the preloader animation in Microsoft Edge

# 22 Mar 2021 2.6.0

fixed: multiple instances of Slider Images widget caused the theme frontend to fail
fixed: the site logo placed in the overlay menu circle remained clickable even when menu was closed
fixed: overlay menu didn't close when the AJAX navigation performed via backward/forward browser' buttons
fixed: unexpected PHP 7.4 warning messages
added: ability to force reload the selected page scripts in AJAX navigation (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Update Page Script Nodes)
improved: now page frontend shouldn't fully break in case of an incorrect HTML markup present for the text split

# 25 Feb 2021 2.5.0

fixed: blog page didn't load with the enabled "Improved Assets Loading" Elementor's feature
added: compatibility with latest Contact Form 7 plugin version 5.4.x
added: option to load and eval the missing assets (JS and CSS) after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Load Missing Scripts/Styles)
added: emit "DOMContentLoaded" event after each AJAX transition
improved: minor backend and frontend improvements
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.5

# 01 Feb 2021 2.4.0

fixed: incorrect transform calculation for parallax effects
fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
added: compatibility with Elementor 3.1.x
added: compatibility with "Improved Assets Loading" Elementor's latest feature
added: panel to enable/disable the outdated browsers notification in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Outdated Browsers
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/enable_optimized_sizes' to control if the generated thumbnails should be used when outputting a lazy image (see docs for more)
improved: Material Icons are now served locally instead of Google Fonts server for better loading speed
improved: don't enqueue frontend assets for the disabled features in Customizer (AJAX navigation, Smooth Scrolling, Outdated Browsers)
improved: constant "ARTS_THEME_VERSION" now uses the parent actual theme version
improved: under hood improvements in frontend
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.4

# 14 Dec 2020 2.3.0

fixed: JS error when there is a link with "#elementor-action" URL on a page
fixed: disappearing Masonry grids in Elementor preview editor
fixed: Woocommerce AJAX exclusion rules in the latest WP jQuery library
added: compatibility with WordPress 5.6
added: new theme PHP filter 'arts/lazy/placeholder' to add a custom placeholder source for lazy images
added: experimental compatibility with Elementor Theme Builder
added: AJAX compatibility with Elementor Popups

# 08 Dec 2020 2.2.1

added: option to display site logo instead of the morphing letters in Customizer -> Header -> Menu
fixed: 404 error for elementor-admin-bar.min.js file in console
fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation

# 25 Nov 2020 2.2.0

added: dynamic widgets (sliders, grids) now can populate the custom data from Elementor panel (change "Data Source Type" to "Static")
improved: minor under the hood tweaks

# 18 Nov 2020 2.1.1

fixed: incorrect header top offset in the absolute position layout

# 12 Nov 2020 2.1.0

fixed: frontend failure if there is a system or fallback font selected in Typography panel
added: experimental AJAX compatibility with Slider Revolution plugin (see https://docs.artemsemkin.com/cassio/wp/plugins/slider-revolution.html)
added: AJAX compatibility with non-Elementor pages (e.g. blog posts)
added: option to eval inline scripts in content area after AJAX transition (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions)
added: if WooCommerce plugin is active there will appear a toggle to disable AJAX navigation on WooCommerce pages in Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions

# 07 Oct 2020 2.0.4

added: compatibility with TranslatePress multilingual plugin
added: helpful article for TranslatePress configuration (https://docs.artemsemkin.com/cassio/wp/plugins/multilingual-cms.html#translatepress)

# 28 Sep 2020 2.0.3

fixed: disappearing Elementor buttons in admin bar after AJAX navigation
added: error message in admin panel in case PHP environment is missing of the required extensions

# 16 Sep 2020 2.0.2

fixed: core plugin sprintf() error happens on certain PHP versions
fixed: double loading of Google Fonts

# 08 Sep 2020 2.0.1

added: option to adjust AJAX router rules per specific page (Edit with Elementor -> Document Settings -> Page Transition)
added: a field to update page head nodes (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions)
added: JS window hooks "arts/barba/transition/init/before", "arts/barba/transition/init/after" (for developers)
added: option to turn on/off the system cursor loading state (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Cursor Follower)
added: helpful articles in theme docs regarding the new AJAX options
improved: minor underhood frontend improvements

# 27 Aug 2020 2.0.0

WARNING FOR CHILD THEME USERS: <header> block markup has been moved from "cassio/header.php" to separate template part "cassio/template-parts/header/header.php"
fixed: incorrect import of some demo pages when running on Elementor 3+
fixed: broken AJAX transition when the destination page is based on Elementor Canvas template
fixed: backgrounds overflow issues in Elementor 3 preview mode
added: AJAX compatibility for Elementor Canvas Template pages
added: optional Smooth Scrolling compatibility for Elementor Canvas Template pages (adjustable from Customizer)
added: option to adjust decorative letters amount in Portfolio Masonry Grid widget
added: apply "no-ajax" class for the links to exclude them from AJAX transitions
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version
improved: optimized images loading speed by serving proper sizes and srcset
improved: convenient highlight for custom JS code field in Customizer

# 06 Aug 2020 1.8.1

fixed: Elementor backgrounds with "fixed" attachment didn't work in Firefox even with disabled Smooth Scrolling

# 03 Aug 2020 1.8.0

added: support for multiple sliders with distortion effect on the page
added: compatibility with Elementor 3
added: AJAX compatibility with Lottie animations (Elementor Pro)
added: compatibility with Elementor The Plus Addons
added: JS window hooks "arts/barba/transition/start", "arts/barba/transition/end"
fixed: touch gestures of fullscreen sliders worked incorrectly in some cases
fixed: fullscreen sliders controls interference if they are multiple on the page
fixed: duplicated response messages in Contact Form 7 latest version
fixed: incorrect render of Animated Headline widget (Elementor Pro) after AJAX transition
improved: underhood optimizations for theme dynamic Elementor widgets

# 14 Jul 2020 1.7.0

fixed: inaccessible Google Map markers on mobile touch devices
fixed: Inline Elementor Google Fonts didn't load after AJAX transition
fixed: SplitText failure on empty heading & subheading in Elementor Hero widget
fixed: Polylang language dropdown didn't work properly after AJAX transition
added: option to hide counters in Elementor Services Line widget
added: posts edit icons in Content tab for all the dynamic theme widgets
added: error message if the declared fonts are failed to load
added: helpful article on how to fix broken fonts problem in theme documentation
improved: minimized database queries from dynamic theme widgets
improved: implemented singleton pattern for all the theme widgets classes
improved: better compatibility with WPML
improved: forced disable of Smooth Scrolling feature in Elementor editor
improved: removed duplicated fonts names declaration to load in frontend

# 09 Jun 2020 1.6.6

added: anchors scrolling compatibility with Smooth Scrolling and AJAX transitions

# 06 Jun 2020 1.6.5

fixed: frontend error if canvas element doesn't exist

# 02 Jun 2020 1.6.4

fixed: multiple Slider Testimonials on a single page didn't work
fixed: Source maps notices in console
added: support for wp_body_open() hook
added: compatibility with Elementor 2.9.11+

# 21 Apr 2020 1.6.3

added: option to disable touch swipe controls in fullscreen sliders
added: option to enable/disable "fit to viewport height" in Customizer -> General Style -> Layout
added: WordPress filters to add custom social icons (ref: https://docs.artemsemkin.com/cassio/wp/tips-tricks/adding-custom-social-icons.html)
improved: compatibility for Waypoints JS library

# 11 Mar 2020 1.6.2

fixed: masthead animation glitch in Firefox
added: compatibility with Elementor 2.9.5+
added: backward compatibility for Elementor 2.8.5 and below
added: fullwidth toggle in Elementor Parallax Background widget
added: markup formatting support for the lines split
improved: separated Elementor editor frontend from the main theme script
updated: SplitText library to the latest version

# 22 Feb 2020 1.6.1

added: control of zeros prefix for all the sliders
added: dragging cursor to Elementor lightbox
fixed: AJAX transition crash with enabled AdBlocker and Google Analytics

# 13 Feb 2020 1.6.0

added: widgets compatibility with Swiper 5.x
added: theme compatibility for upcoming Elementor 2.9.x

# 11 Feb 2020 1.5.2

added: scroll down button to "Hero" Elementor widget

# 30 Jan 2020 1.5.1

fixed: Elementor standard animations didn't run on the elements placed after the Masonry grids on a page
fixed: Elementor Pro sticky glitches when switching between pages via AJAX
fixed: form labels didn't float back on form submit & flush fields
added: AJAX compatibility for CF7 Conditional Fields plugin
added: +5 new social icons
added: editable "All" label for Portfolio Masonry Grid widget

# 20 Jan 2020 1.5.0

added: audio backgrounds feature
added: custom field for uploading a featured audio
added: new article in the theme docs https://docs.artemsemkin.com/cassio/wp/customization/audio-background.html

# 10 Jan 2020 1.4.2

fixed: restore back "Theme Options / Smooth Scroll" panel in WP Customizer

# 07 Jan 2020 1.4.1

fixed: cursor progress didn't disappear in Edit with Elementor mode

# 01 Jan 2020 1.4.0

fixed: 'division by zero' PHP warning in Fullscreen Portfolio Sliders
fixed: Elementor Pro CSS style override <a> block in Portfolio Slider widget
added: styled modal windows for Contact Form 7 (error/submit events)
added: on/off option for new styled modal windows for Contact Form 7 (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Contact Form 7)
added: WordPress filters for changing query arguments in the dynamic widgets. This allows to display the posts of any type (including pages!) in dynamic widgets. See theme documentation for more info
added: new option for adjusting mouse follower trailing delay
added: mouse follower now expands when hover on form buttons, scroll down button
added: ACF fields for pages and services are now the same as for portfolio items
improved: cursor mouse follower now uses transforms instead of left/top to improve the performance

# 28 Dec 2019 1.3.1

fixed: mobile menu scroll

# 28 Dec 2019 1.3.0

added: compatibility with Elementor Gallery widget from Elementor Pro
added: compatibility with parallax motion effects from Elementor Pro
added: keyboard control for the fullscreen sliders (on/off from widget options)
added: support for mobile touch gestures in fullscreen sliders
added: loading cursor during preloader
improved: smooth scrollbar now emits a native scroll window event instead of registering dozens of callbacks as event listeners
improved: page scroll and slider mousewheel now works even if mouse pointer is over the header area
improved: Contact 7 Form now will send data over AJAX after a page transition (was a page hard refresh)
improved: cleaned up unnecessary code
fixed: scrollbar thumb may become inaccessible in the top part of the page
fixed: Kirki plugin didn't activate automatically during theme wizard setup
fixed: OC Demo Import conflict with Merlin wizard setup. Now loads only 1 demo importer at the same time
fixed: incorrect footer widgets setup during the demo import

# 25 Nov 2019 1.2.3

fixed: setup wizard threw error message "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page" after the theme initial activation in WordPress 5.3
improved: handling placeholders in the form input fields

# 21 Nov 2019 1.2.2

fixed: Google Analytics may produce a console error with active AdBlock
fixed: menu text columns editor was inaccessible if "classic" menu style was selected in Customizer
added: new option for switching on/off flying heading transition per page (Elementor Document Settings -> Page Transition)
added: page styles handling for Essential Addons plugin

# 07 Nov 2019 1.2.1

fixed: posts amount limit function in Elementor dynamic widgets
improved: removed altering global posts per page value during wizard setup

# 30 Oct 2019 1.2.0

added: anchor scrolling handling support for smooth scrolling
added: options for mousewheel control in fullscreen/halfscreen sliders
added: choice for primary/secondary logo display in Customizer -> Footer -> Options
added: choice for primary/secondary logo display in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Preloader
added: choice for primary/secondary logo display in Page Footer -> Document Options
improved: page header and footer now use IDs to avoid interference with other page elements during AJAX
improved: better compatibility with EAE plugin

# 24 Oct 2019 1.1.0

added: Cassio Elementor widgets are now fully compatible with WPML's Translation Management
added: detecting of outdated PHP version
added: drag ratio factor control for slider images
improved: better code structure in Cassio Core Elementor extension class

# 20 Oct 2019 1.0.6

fixed: browser incompatibility message was displayed on supported mobile Firefox & Opera Touch

# 17 Oct 2019 1.0.5

fixed: <a></a> tags in subheadings may broke the fullscreen sliders
added: detecting of outdated browsers and advising users to upgrade to a new version

# 16 Oct 2019 1.0.4

fixed: incorrect button display in fullscreen sliders if no button title is set
added: ability to display the portfolio items subheadings in the fullscreen sliders

# 14 Oct 2019 1.0.3

fixed: incorrect work of custom CPT slug feature
added: font-display descriptor selection in custom fonts
added: increased global posts per page value during wizard setup

# 12 Oct 2019 1.0.2

fixed: HTML tag print in Elementor Services Line widget
added: support for custom fonts uploading (new option panel in admin menu)
added: AJAX loading spinner for better UX (seperate options for desktop and mobiles)
added: new typography controls for buttons, classic menu, preloader in Customizer
added: preloader custom image option

# 07 Oct 2019 1.0.1

fixed: masthead may not animate in Elementor editing mode
fixed: mobile header alignment issue with language switcher
fixed: prevent double texture loading in WebGL canvas
fixed: useless video background loading if distortion effect is enabled
fixed: incorrect flying heading position calculation from menu
added: new typography options for Elementor widgets (font-weight)
added: ability to adjust font-weight for theme typography from Customizer
added: new option for adjusting background color of the AJAX curtain from Customizer
added: new option for adjusting background color of the AJAX curtain from Document Settings

# 05 Oct 2019 1.0.0

initial release