# Changelog

# 13 Jan 2023 2.0.1

fixed: overlay menu may stop to work if there are no submenus

# 09 Jan 2023 2.0.0

BREAKING CHANGE: animations codebase has been rewritten in according to the newest GSAP v3 syntax (opens new window)

improved: updated jQuery library to the latest version v3.6.3
improved: updated GSAP libraries to the latest version v3.11.4
fixed: incorrect line breaks in SplitText effect when the site fonts are loading too long

# 13 Sep 2022 1.1.1

added: correct handling of error event for Gulp Sass
improved: dev environment compatibility with latest NodeJS v18

changes in source files:


# 23 Sep 2020 1.1.0

fixed: parallax glitch in latest macOS Safari
added: dev environment & source files to the download package
added: online documentation

# 25 Oct 2018 1.0.0

initial release