# Slider Revolution

The theme has an experimental compatibility with popular Slider Revolution (opens new window) plugin. Here is the instruction on how to make it work after an AJAX transition occurs.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 1.

Being in WordPress admin panel navigate to Slider Revolution settings page and open Globals tab. Make sure to set tune the options as follows:

  • Include libraries globally ON
  • Insert scripts in footer OFF
  • Defer JavaScript loading OFF

# ▶️️️️️ Step 2.

Open WordPress Customizer panel and go to Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions. You need to turn ON Eval Inline JavaScript in Content Area. This will make the sliders to re-initialize correctly after each AJAX transition.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 3. (optional)

If you'll be placing the sliders which contain some scrolling-based animations then you need to turn OFF Smooth Scrolling theme feature in Customizer -> Theme Options Smooth Scroll. Otherwise the animations won't react on the page virtual scrolling.

# ▶️️️️️ Step 4.

When Slider Revolution plugin is activated you'll get an extra Elementor widget named Slider Revolution under General group in widgets panel.

Use that widget to select a module you've created previously or imported to the plugin in backend panel