Google Map

Harizma Theme comes with Elementor widget based on Google Map with a lot of customization options. But before you can use it, you need to obtain a correct API key from Google Cloud. Google now requires credit card to use their map API (even if you don’t have a lot of visitors which loads their server).

Please note, that API key used in live demo will NOT work on your website! You need to get your own one if you want to use Google Maps on your website.

Step 1. Go to Admin Panel → Settings → Google Maps
Step 2. Paste your API key that you’ve got from Google Cloud and click Save Changes button.
Step 3. If you’ve done everything correctly, widget Google Map will display a map. There you can add markers, change map style and make other adjustments.

If you’ve got a correct API key but still experiencing issues with the Google Map check your browser console and see the error produced by Google Map. For the available solutions please check this article.