Adding Elementor Widgets to a Page

When launching a website you can simply edit the existing pages from demo import. But it’s also possible to go beyond classic “import demo & edit & go” conception. You can construct pages from a scratch! With Harizma theme you are not limited to any default theme templates or layouts.

Any content block can be placed in any layout in anywhere which gives you an infinite customization possibilities!

Let’s see how to add an Elementor widget to a page.

Step 1. When editing page with Elementor, click on “+” sign.
Step 2. You will be prompted to select a structure. Select, for example, the first one.

Click on Grid icon in the left panel. You will see all the available widgets you can place on the page.

When Harizma Core Plugin is active (required by the theme), you will have 2 extra sections in Elementor widget panel – Harizma Static Widgets and Harizma Dynamic Widgets.

Premium widgets provided by Harizma Core plugin

Simply drag & drop any widget to the page. Most of widgets supports live editing. That means you can click on any text on the widget and simply start typing the content you need. Feel free to mix custom theme widgets with Elementor default widgets when building a page.