Automatic Updates

You need to have Envato Market installed on your website. This tool allows to view and install all themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest or CodeCanyon by using Envato Market API. Once your purchased products are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so you will always have your items up to date.

Note: if you have all of required and recommended plugins installed than you’re likely to have Envato Market installed as well. In that case you don’t need to install it for the second time. Instead, skip the installation step and start with configuring API.


  1. Download the plugin archive
  2. Login to WordPress and go to the “Plugins” menu
  3. Click “Add New” select downloaded archive
  4. Activate plugin
  5. You will should see “Envato Market” tab in the left menu
Envato Market plugin installation

API Connection Setup

The plugin Settings Page allows you to configure your Envato API Personal Token. This API Token is generated from and will allow WordPress to securely receive item updates.

API Token creation

If you did everything correct than you should see the lists of your purchased themes and products. Once a product update is released, you will get a notification where you can install the update and check out changelog.

Receiving theme update