Elementor Setup

The theme comes with modern frontend page builder Elementor. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry, we will make first steps together in next sections.

But now, let’s do the initial Elementor setup to achieve the best design results using the theme.

Step 1. Go to Elementor → Settings
Step 2. Open tab General

Make adjustments according to the screenshot above.

  • Post Types – Portfolio Items
  • Disable Default Colors – Yes
  • Disable Default Fonts – Yes

Then click button Save Changes.

Step 3. Open tab Style

Make some more adjustments according to the screenshot above.

  • Content Width – 1140
  • Space Between Widgets – 50
  • Page Title Selector – .section-masthead h1
  • Table Breakpoint – 992
  • Mobile Breakpoint – 768
Step 4. Open tab Advanced

Change CSS Print method to “Internal Embedding”. This is recommended to avoid image dimensions calculation in AJAX transitions.

And don’t forget to click button Save Changes.