Custom Theme Elementor Widgets

Rubenz comes with custom carefully crafted widgets which you can easily use during the page building. If you scroll down widgets panel, you will see Rubenz widgets sections.

But before using them, let me explain you what Static and Dynamic widgets are.

Custom Theme Static Widgets

In Static Widgets content is created right on the page through live page builder. Data is editable from left panel or directly on the page.

Custom Theme Dynamic Widgets

In Dynamic Widgets – content is pulled dynamically from posts/pages. Data is not editable from Elementor. You need to edit your content through admin panel.

Consider the next example.

Portfolio Masonry Grid Widget

Portfolio Masonry Grid widget pulls content dynamically from theme Portfolio Item Post Type. Editing options are far limited, for example, you can’t edit the portfolio headings from here. To do this, you need to go into Admin Panel → Portfolio Items

Edit your pages or custom post types from admin panel.

The changes you will make in your custom posts will be reflected in the dynamic Elementor widgets which use the post type data to display.

To summarize:

  • When you want to place a simple stuff, which doesn’t tied to any Custom Post Type (doesn’t have a separate page in admin panel) like Section Header, Team member, Slider Images, Google Map etc. Then look for it in Static Widgets.
  • When you want to display the existing data like Portfolio Items which means you already created pages or posts for that content before. Then use Dynamic Widgets.