Creating First Page

In Rubenz theme pages are created normally like in any other themes. The specific difference is that you need to click Edit with Elementor button after page creation in order to use live page builder for that page. And there are some more features available which we will explore right now.

Let’s figure out everything step-by-step and create a new portfolio item from a scratch.

Step 1. Go to Admin Panel → Portfolio Items and click  Add New.
Step 2. Fill in page start information. 1 – Title, 2 – Subheading (optional), 3 – Properties (optional) 4 – Set featured image (optional but strongly recommended)
Step 3. Click Publish. And after post is saved click Edit with Elementor

Our new portfolio item is saved to WordPress database and we are ready to fill it with the content! But before that, let’s make some more styling adjustments.

Step 4. In Edit with Elementor mode go to Document Options

Let’s adjust overall page color theme. You can find this option in General Settings Elementor panel.

Step 5. Choose the color theme that fits your project
Step 6. Adjust Page Masthead layout, content alignment and some image options
Step 7. Compose your page using Elementor widgets.

Compatability with AJAX Transitions

No matter what layout or page color you will choose for your page, the theme will handle everything else for correct AJAX transitions. Any image size, any layout on any screen size. The only requirement for AJAX transitions is to have the featured image actually set for the page.