Open included Rubenz.sketch file and go to Design page. If you’ve got a warning for missing fonts, please refer to the Credits section of this documentation and setup the necessary fonts first. All the fonts used in the design template are free to download and use in your projects.

Select something on the arboard. In the left Layers panel make any customization you need.

The design is based on Bootstrap 12-columns grid. To enable it – click on an artboard, then press “Control + G” or you can toggle the grid via menu: “View > Canvas > Show Layout“.

To customize the design with your own images – select any image placeholder in “Layers” panel, then click “Fill” and select “Cog” icon. There you can put an image from your file system and define how it distributes space within the image placeholder.

There are some handy Sketch symbols that you can customize. Simply check Symbols page. All the changes you make on symbol components will be reflected in the Design page.