Arrigo – Creative Portfolio Clean Muse Template


Thank you for purchasing the item! 

Hello and welcome to Arrigo Muse Template user guide! In this file you’ll find how to setup and customize your purchased item. I hope this documentation will help you to build your next amazing website smoothly.

Files Structure

In the Arrigo resources folder you will find all the files and assets come with the template.


The template uses 2 font families Poppins and Playfair Display. In order to edit and export the source files you’ll need to load these fonts to Adobe Muse from Adobe Typekit. To do this, go to Web Fonts -> Add Web Fonts section. Then search and download those fonts.

Color Themes

The template has 2 color themes which are referenced as A-Master (dark) and B-Master (light).

You can change the color theme of each page separately or make all of them to use the same theme. To do this, left-click on the wizard you need and drag it to the needed page.

The rest of the Masters are made for illustrative presentation of your portfolio, in the footer of such a master is a link to the presentation of the next portfolio.

Customizing Images

On some images there is an overlay which is needed to darken or, conversely, highlight the image when you hover over.

To replace an image with the overlay, right-click on the image and select Arrange -> Send to Back. Then click on the image and go to the top settings panel and click on Fill in the panel that appears. There you can upload your own image. After you’re done click on the image again and select Arrange -> Send to Back so that the overlay reappears on top of the image. If suddenly, that makes your image disappear, click on this element and position it on the rear panel Arrange -> Send to Back.

Customizing Overlays

If your image needs a dark overlay on hover, then click on the overlay and select Rollover at the top Rectangle panel, then go to Fill – set the color to #181818 with 45% opacity.

If your image needs a light overlay, then click on the overlay, in the top panel Rectangle – select the Rollover, then go to Fill – set the color to #ffffff and in the Effects opacity 50%.

Customizing Testimonials

To upload photos for testimonials authors you need to focus the Reviews section. Click on the play icon and in Slideshow Options select Add Images and upload the photos you need.

Full Screen Menu

The template has a full-screen menu, which starts on the breakpoint 1170.

To make full screen menu appear:

  1. Go to A-Master or B-Master and select the break point starting from 1170.
  2. Click on the menu burger and on the play button,
  3. Click on the checkbox Show widget parts while editing.

Now you will be able to edit the full screen menu. To hide the menu again, uncheck Show widget parts while editing checkbox.

Uploading Template to Hosting

You can upload the site to hosting very conveniently and easily. To do this, at the top, click on the Play Icon -> Publish and select FTP Host. You will also need to fill in the credentials which you can get from your hosting provider.