Document Options Overrides

As you may have seen throughout the demo, there are pages that have different preloader animations, menu styling, layout etc. Initially all the those settings are available to customize from WordPress Customizer.

Consider the next example.

You want to change menu style to Burger.
You can change menu style to burger in Customizer → Header → Menu.

It will be applied for all the pages throughout the website.

But let’s say you want minimalistic burger menu on the homepage, but a normal menu on your blog page. That’s possible with Elementor document overrides as a useful extension to Arrigo theme.

When you are about to apply different document styling per page, consider the following.

  1. What option I want to be set on the most of my pages? As for above example, what menu style I want to see on all the pages except some certain pages? What preloader? What header style? And other options.
  2. Then Adjust your desired options in Customizer first. Those will be you default options for all the pages.
  3. Enable document override in Elementor Document Settings and adjust the necessary options.

Let’s see how you can do it.

Step 1. When editing page with Elementor, click on the very left bottom Cogs icon
Step 2. Find available Page options.
Step 3. Click on any Page section and enable Override Page Header Settings. Set the required options for the current page.
For example, I’ve set a totally custom header for the current page. You can do the overrides for the footer and preloader as well.
Overriding Document Options for Portfolio Items.

There are some extra override options available only for Arrigo Portfolio Post Types. For example, you can adjust page color theme or remove the whole header and place only “Close” button.